Making Spanish Fun and Easy!

Started by Teachers
Lauren Flanagan

Ms. Flanagan is a Shelby County Schools teacher with a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Memphis. She has an undergraduate degree in Multicultural Studies, where she studied Spanish, French, and Arabic. Besides teaching high school Spanish and History, Ms. Flanagan has experience teaching preschool Spanish classes at Mullins United Methodist for five years, teaching elementary Spanish at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, creating curriculum for middle school homeschool classes, tutoring high school students, and leading adult Spanish in the Workplace courses. Ms. Flanagan has spent significant time in Spain and Mexico, studying the cultures and learning how to implement Spanish into daily life. 

Ms. Flanagan has found that being a non-native Spanish speaker allows her to be a better Spanish instructor. Having to learn the language herself gives her the advantage on knowing how to teach it to others. 

Ms. Flanagan is CPR certified, a mother of three, and highly experienced in childcare.

Interactive and Communicative Learning Methods
At Habla Memphis we teach students not just to speak Spanish, but to experience it. Just as Helen Keller had to experience the feeling of water on her hand before she could grasp the word "water" being spelled out in her palm, we do not truly know a language until we experience the word as well as hear it.

We teach kids Spanish while they experience the language. For instance, salta ("jump") will be taught by saying the word as we jump. Sabroso ("delicious") will be taught while students sample delicious food from a Spanish-speaking culture. Students will experience the new words and incorporate them into their vocabulary through actions and games!

Students will also learn about Spanish-speaking cultures, music, foods, etc. through multi-media presentations that make these countries come alive--making them seem more than a far away place! Your child will feel like a world traveler by the time the week is up!